Our Services

Interior Paint

With extensive painting experience in all types of residences.

Painting interior surfaces help hold up under normal wear, tear, and damages from everyday life. We will request that you empty out furniture that will need to be moved. We continue by removing pictures, paintings, mirrors, and any other wall hangings. Turning off and disconnecting any electronic items will ensure a safety environment.

All furniture will be properly moved away from the walls. We will remove light and outlet covers, and cover and protect all furniture, light fixtures, and floors.

After the preparation is complete, the magic begins: patching up holes, sanding, and the taping of edges. We begin painting the ceilings, followed by side walls, and finally baseboards.

All protection is removed carefully and all furniture is properly placed back.

Another service we provide is wallpaper removal. Removing wallpaper can be frustrating but we will make it easier for you, providing you with professional wallpaper removers who have several years of experience removing wallpaper in residential homes. Our sole purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Exterior Paint

Our skilled painters apply beautiful and even coats of paint to all surfaces.

Getting a touch up on the outside of your property will add curb appearance and add protection from inclement weather.

Exterior painting contractors concentrate on patching and caulking. Caulking is typically used to seal cracks and it is used around the windows and the doors. Wood patch is used on items like doors and on wood trim. Once it has been applied and has been given time to dry, it is sanded smooth.

We request that any sprinklers to be turned off during this process. Providing cover and protection for plants, walk ways, windows and outdoor furniture will guarantee a clean finish.

If you need any carpentry such as installing new exterior trim, or interior trim including: crown molding, chair molding, baseboards, windows, doors, doors frames we are perfect for the job.

Our crew consists of skilled craftsmen who recognize the greater points of proper preparation and repairs and will handle your home with the best care.

Drywall Repair

Our team meets all of the necessary requirements to properly repair drywall.

Drywall repairs can be challenging for almost any contractor, but the real trick in producing the best results is in matching the existing texture of the wall which will save our clients as much time and money as possible.

From the smallest dent to large holes of a foot or more, there are several ways to fix surface defects on your walls and Innovative Inc. is the company for you. Our team meets all of the necessary requirements to properly repair drywall, texture it to match the existing surface, prepare the surface for paint, and painting the surface to match the existing colors. After we’re done you won’t notice the difference. By providing both drywall repair and painting services we have built years of experience in the unique requirements of both skill sets.

Power Wash & Stain

High pressure cleaning team, bringing you the most professional, reliable and efficient.

Having your house, vinyl sidings, brickwork, sidewalks, driveway, deck and roof pressure washed is a great way to maintain your home and you can avoid future repairs which can end up being extremely costly and time consuming.

We will leave your home’s exterior shinning new while at the same time protecting your home from damage. Nothing improves the curb appeal of a home like a brand new looking siding, sidewalk, driveway or deck. Innovative Inc. specializes in the restoration of old decks such as cleaning and staining.